Primer and Contract Sealer

SKK Contract Sealer – Acrylic Emulsion Primer/Sealer with Anti-Fungus Properties Singapore

SKK Contract Sealer is a acrylic emulsion primer/sealer, good adhesion, water resistant sealer, fungus resistant sealer, alkaline resistant sealer on subsequent coats, easy application sealer, wall coating, wall primer, wall sealer, apply on high alkali sealer.

SK Arkiprimer – Two-Component, Solvent-Free, Low Viscosity, Epoxy Based Primer Singapore

SK Arkiprimer is a two-packed solvent free, low viscosity epoxy-based primer, it is applicable as a bonding agent for most metallic and non metallic surface with high bond, it can act as a sealing agent for asbestos sheet, concrete, and epoxy coating.