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About Rust Combat

Rust Combat™ rust remover is an environmentally-safe water-based product that removes rust in minutes, without scrubbing. It is easy to use, anyone can restore their rusted tools, auto parts, even firearms to like-new condition using rust remover – Rust Combat™ . 

One liter of rust removal – Rust Combat™ de-rusts up to 36 kg of steel. 

Removes even heavy rust completely
Non-toxic, non-corrosive, safe on skin
No fumes or bad odors, non-flammable, no VOC’s
Biodegradable, water soluble
Easy to use – just soak rusted parts in room temperature solution
Requires no special equipment
No acids, bases, solvents or other toxic ingredients
Does not harm unrusted steel, safe on aluminium, rubber, plastic, wood and other metals
Can be disposed off safely into sewer
One liter derusts up to 36 kg of heavily rusted steel
Will not affect plastic, PVC, Viton and most paint

Benefits of Rust Combat™:
Safe for skin and eye
Can be used repeatedly
International award-winning

Others Characteristics of Rust Combat™  :

Does not reduce the strength of iron when marinated
Does not cause skin and eye irritation
Does not contain organic materials that damage the environment
Does not contain dangerous VOC that cause air pollution
Does not contain solvents
Does not cause corrosion to base metal
Neutral pH

Combat Rust Awards

“Outstanding Technology in Industrial Cleaning” CleanTech Magazine, 2001
“Top 100 Innovations” R&D Magazine, 2002
“Top Product” Fastener Technology International, 2003
“The EPA Green Chemistry Award” EPA Nominee, 2004
“The EPA Green Chemistry Award” EPA Nominee, 2005

Rust remover – Rust Combat™ is packed either in 1 liter can, 4 liter can, 20 liter pail, 200 liter drum or 1000 liter IBC container.

Rust Combat Material Data Sheet (ISO Format)

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